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Actual drum capacities Empty Actual drum capacities

Post by barismanco on Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:44 am

I have been researching a new machine for a while now and I have noticed that I have gotten way more cable in most of those machines, comfortably. So here's my list.
spartan 1065 advertised drum cap112' of3/4". I can fit 150' of 3/4 in mine.
dm-30(this is the same as a roto rooter 6100 machine right?) advertised 100' of 5/8". When I had one of these I kept 120' of 11/16" cable.
Dm55 advertises 150' of 11/16 cable I know a guy who keeps 175' on his(this dude is strong as hell) so what have y'all stuffed into your drums?


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